El Camino De… Orthodox Trucker

Being a truck driver was never an item on my bucket list. Seeing all 50 states was however. A lot of people have bucket lists, and they contain some pretty interesting items. One item on my bucket list that I really really want to do is hike the El Camino de Santiago in Spain.

The El Camino is a 500 mile journey usually taken on foot along the northern coast of Spain. Spending most nights in Pilgrim hostels, the end result is the Compostela de Santiago, or the burial place of St James, the brother of Christ. While the pilgrimage and the church itself is Roman Catholic, St James is also an Orthodox Saint. I have several guidebooks at home regarding the El Camino and have had several dreams about walking the path. But can there be an El Camino De… Orthodox Trucker?

The very nature of trucking is like a pilgrimage. Going from one location to the other, meeting new people and in my case, spreading the faith. It’s nearly impossible for me to find a way to bring up the Orthodox Church when in conversation with somebody new. It just happens. Not to mention now that I have several t-shirts with Orthodox designs and logos, I am literally and figuratively a walking billboard advertising the faith. I’ve had several conversations within the last few months with different drivers and other people out on the road about Christ and my relationship with him and how being within Orthodoxy has made it that much better. I found one person who had recently left the Church of Satan and had totally converted giving his life over to Christ. We must have talked for over an hour about Christ and Theology and the goodness of the Lord. I ended up giving him an icon of Christ that I had on the truck with me so that it would help him on his phone personal Journey. I met another guy whose father-in-law is actually a Russian Orthodox priest, but because of cultural differences an unfortunate case of alienation, the young man and his wife drifted away from the church. I’m still going to try and help him though because that’s just who I am.

I found that the best route to be on when it comes to combining missionary work with Trucking is 48th state of the road driving. As a Canadian Regional driver I pretty much pick up at the same location and drop off at the same location round trip and don’t really meet anybody new and with the way the Canada loads have been going lately it makes more sense to go back over the road financially. (The Canadian Freight is just not there like it used to be)

So today is officially my last day as a Canadian driver. Tomorrow I will get my truck’s oil changed and then I will switch fleets and once again be an over-the-road driver traveling across the entire country meeting new people and Facebook friends. Seriously if we’re friends on Facebook or you follow me, make sure to let me know if I’ll be going anywhere near you!

Tomorrow my over-the-road journey resumes once again. The pilgrimage of the Orthodox Trucker is about to gain a lot more opportunities. Stay tuned to see where I’ll go and if I end up in your neck of the woods, let me know.

Thanks for reading my friends, stay safe and have a wonderful rest of the week.

-Orthodox Trucker

The shell is a symbol of the El Camino de Santiago. This one, reminds me that I am always on a pilgrimage even when I’m Truckin’.

One thought on “El Camino De… Orthodox Trucker

  1. I have two friends who hiked the El Camino when they were 60! It took them 2 months but boy did they have amazing stories to tell and pictures to show!

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