Borrowing the name from David Bowie’s hit 1971 song Changes, seemed like a no-brainer for me. After all today’s post is about change.

Right now I’ve got a pretty awesome example of dad bod going on. You can also call it trucker gut, or even the Freshman 50 that never went away. Right now I’m roughly 270 lb which is 70 lb heavier then I was back in 2012, basically before I started Trucking. The stress of being over the road plus all of the readily available fat and crappy food that the truck stops sell hasn’t helped either. Also, Trucking is a pretty sedentary job. You sit for 10 to 11 hours maybe get 15 minutes of exercise in a day maybe an hour if you have to strap a load down. I look at myself in the mirror and I go geez Louise dude how the hell did you get so fat?

Weight has been something that both my wife and I have struggled with especially in the last several years. Maybe our poor health and diet combined with the excess weight is why we haven’t been able to get a pregnancy to stick put more than 10 weeks. We both know we have to do something different and we know that we need to do it now rather than later. So what are we going to do?

The answer my friend is changing my lifestyle. I was recently home for a quick 34-hour reset and the wife and I went to WinCo and Walmart. We loaded up on heart healthy low carb foods and went to Walmart to get me some appliances so that I can cook on the truck and not have fast food anymore. I have decided to switch 100% to the keto diet and while I’m only on day 2 I am feeling much better. I’ve also started drinking herbal tea and I’m cutting out all sodas and juices just water maybe little bit of Crystal Light and either herbal or green tea.

We also got a plug in cooler for items that need to be refrigerated, and for the things that need to be colder than that I not have a large black cooler with ice and it has my steaks and my chicken and other essential food items.

I’m really proud of my wife because she’s basically doing the same thing. It’s a modified keto diet with more fruits and berries with an emphasis on water and tea for hydration. We haven’t hit the keto flu yet but then again it’s only been day two.

Perhaps with a little bit more walking and exercise combined with our better diets of protein low carbs no sugar no trans fat and proper hydration we might be able to get back into a healthier shape and be more active in in control of our lives.

If you follow Orthodox trucker on Facebook I will have pictures up in a few days of what my nude truck setup looks like. Until then I hope you all stay safe and healthy out there.

Until next time my friends, thanks for reading and I’ll see you all again soon.

-Orthodox Trucker

Yours Truly rockin a new shirt given to me by the wife. Thanks honey!

5 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-Changes

  1. Good job! Over the past three weeks I’ve joined a challenge to drink a whole gallon of water a day. I’ve never got more than 60 ounces, but that’s 60 ounces more than I was drinking before. I drink two cups of coffee in the morning, then nothing but water. And, of course, I’ve taken up hiking. I have thyroid/hormone things that prevent me from losing weight. But at least I can be healthy otherwise!

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    1. I’m just so tired of being unhealthy. I’ve been researching keto for the last couple weeks finally had some time to go shopping get everything I needed to make the switch. I’m going to keep everyone updated because probably in the next couple days I’ll have the keto flu as my body gets used to not having carbs and then hopefully I’ll start losing weight

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