Trusting God

The last several port days have had more than their fair share of difficulties. One day there was a problem regarding my appointment, the next day I was getting yelled at for going the wrong way (I didn’t know). I had hoped the following morning that some good luck would finally be heading my way, but the massive holes in my empty container told a different story.

Finally the weekend arrived and I didn’t have to deal with any of my work problems. I had some nice time with the family and was able to relax a little bit. But then Monday rolled around and it was back to the grindstone. More problems and delays were experienced, and I grew even more tired and frustrated.

Wednesday morning I sat in my truck waiting for my turn to enter the port. I sat there praying to God asking for his help because I was tired of all the problems I had recently experienced. I asked the Lord to simply have mercy upon me and to allow my morning to be uneventful. I didn’t truly believe in my prayer however, and almost convinced myself that it was useless. Something bad was bound to happen and maybe I deserved it. (I really need to get rid of that guilt based mentality!)

Suddenly inside my own head I heard “why are you doubting?” My eyes opened up immediately and I realized how stupid I was being. If I ask God for help, what good is it then to doubt your own prayer? I quickly made the sign of the cross and apologized outloud for my doubts. The voice on the intercom came on, and I was admitted into the port.

I had no issues what so ever. Wednesday was smooth sailing, and sso was today. I am now in Steptoe, Washington getting loaded for my friday delivery. God is good.

Moral of the story is, if you’re going to trust in God, then actually trust in him and don’t doubt yourself or your prayers.

Thanks for reading my friends. I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your week and a wonderful weekend.

Until next time,

-Orthodox Trucker

Sitting here getting loaded, good time for blog post!

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