Little moments of joy

These days it seems the world is filled with nothing but negativity. You turn on the news only to hear endless angry political banter filled with he said/she said, or the day’s topic is about the most recent mass shooting. Sometimes it’s hard to find the moments of pure joy. Sometimes you have to force yourself to break out of your box and really open your eyes. Get excited, and see the wonderfulness of life that surrounds us all.

I love getting excited. When I get overly excited, my hands do something really interesting, they shake. The emotional experience at that moment creates extra energy, sort of like electricity send the only way that I can release this extra energy is to shake my hand. It’s a common trait for people who are on the autistic spectrum, like me. This unusual behavior is called stimming, and it can come in a variety of forms. I shake my hands for example, but others might rock back and forth or jump up and down or maybe they’ll constantly repeat certain phrases.

Personally speaking, stimming feels really good. My hands will flap in response to either positive emotions or stress. When it comes to negative emotions, stimming actually helps to self-regulate those negative feelings and can actually help release some of the pent up negative stresses that I may be experiencing at that moment.

When it comes to positive emotions however, the release of energy and excitement from stimming simply has no comparison. I honestly feel bad for the people who might never be able be able to experience this sensation. It’s like my body creates electricity in response to positive emotional stimuli, and in order to release all that pent-up positive energy, my hands flap repeatedly allowing all that energy to escape. It feels so good!

While talking about living with ASD would be really interesting (and I’m sure there are plenty of people who would love to learn more) the main purpose of this post is to simply share with you the little moments of stim inducing joy that I experience on an almost daily basis.

Alright so without further audue, here are ten of my favorite little moments of joy.

1. The kiss my wife gives me when I come after a long work day

2. When my son sees me pull into the driveway and runs out to greet me while screaming “Daddy!”

3. Kids pumping their arms for the air horn

4. When I pass a trucker on the road and they return my wave.

5. Getting a brand spanking new container from the port with absolutely zero damage

6. Lighting off fireworks with my family

7. That first taste of Honey, fresh from my beehives

8. Anytime I hear the theme from Star Wars

9. Joining the Ancient Faith writing community

10. Pascha.

All right my friends, thank you so much for reading and I hope you liked my list of 10 little moments of joy.

Until next time,

-Orthodox Trucker

When dealing with life’s frustrations, don’t forget to look for those little moments of joy

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