Farther’s Day

When I was child, I had trouble spelling the word father. Usually I would throw an extra r into the word, so father became farther. For the next 25 or so years farther’s day would become a running joke in my family.

I spent the last few days in Pennsylvania attending the Ancient Faith writing and podcasters conference. It was truly an amazing experience. The classes that I attended had a range of topics including Writing Beauty in a digital wilderness, re-catechism for the older brother, a workshop on editing, a great lesson on creating Christian culture in a post-christian America, and finally a truly inspiring lecture on Orthodoxy and shame.

We also had a fabulous keynote speech from Fredericka Mathewes-Green. She told us about her life and how she came to Christ. She also talked to us about being all things for all people, while still being yourself.

While my next few posts are going to be about each class that I attended, at this moment I just want to tell you about one aspect of my trip that I found immensely valuable. The best part about my trip was all the conversations and spiritual advice that I was able to get from several of the priests in attendance. Being able to pick the brains of these wise spiritual fathers was a refreshing glass of water, especially since I’ve been rather parched lately. I cannot put a value on the words they gave me, nor on the prayers that several of them offered for my family.

I just want to say thank you to Father Alex Goussetis, Father Barnabas Powell, and Father Gregory Rogers. The words and blessings these men gave me are truly invaluable. As I returned home, I thought about their kindness and just wanted to wish them all a very happy Father’s Day.

Don’t forget to thank the father’s in your life, spiritual or not, who have had an impact on your life.

-Orthodox Trucker

PS, happy Farther’s Day Dad. I love you.A quiet place for meditation near the entrance to the Antiochian Village Conference Center

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