What are we planting within ourselves?

Okay, so I originally wrote this back in april, when we still had some snow on the ground. I understand that it is now May and the weather has gotten a much warmer attitude. So with that being said I have updated some of the wording to fit a warmer narrative.


What are we planting in ourselves?

It definitely would not have been my first choice, planting in the snow. However we ordered fruit trees off the internet and without getting a concrete date for when they would arrive, we had to sit and wait. And so, we were surprised when the FedEx man arrived at the end of march with a 6ft long package filled with of a variety of small fruit trees. There was still 6 inches of snow on the ground.

My wife and I have a plan for our house and the way we live. We want to be more self-sufficient and be able to grow more of our own foods. That’s why we had seven chickens, that’s why we recently expanded the garden. It’s also why we ordered a bunch of fruit trees off the internet.

So here I am with my shovel, out in the cold, digging a bunch of holes for some fruit trees. First I had to shovel off an area that was at least two or three feet wide, you know enough room for me to actually stand on without my feet slowly sinking through the piles of snow. Then I had to break ground and actually dig the holes 2 or 3 ft deep depending on the size of the root ball. The ground is frozen in some spots, and like I mentioned… it’s cold outside. However, I will get it done!

All this talking about planting is making me wonder, what are we planting in ourselves? What kind of habits are we forming? The choices that we make on a daily basis create the seeds of what eventually will grow within our soul. In other words, the things you watch and listen to and the things you read impact what kind of person you become. As do our actions, thoughts and words.

My son John is 3 years old. And he is in that monkey see, monkey do phase. He is like my little shadow. He always wants to be around daddy and he always wants to be helping out and involved with whatever either Emily or myself are doing. As we plant, he’s out in the snow with me helping me dig holes or rather I am shoveling out the snow that he keeps accidentally kicking into the holes that I am digging. It’s okay though. I don’t get mad at him because I know he’s just trying to help. I have to be mindful of my thoughts here and my actions. I have to remember to not get frustrated, especially at a three year old who just wants to help. I smile, I laugh, I say Lord have mercy. And then I tell him he’s doing a great job.

Remember to plant the things within your soul that will help you grow. Ask God for help and don’t get discouraged. And if you can avoid it, don’t plant your trees when there is six inches of snow still on the ground!

Epilogue: okay so now it is may 19th, 2019. The trees are alive and well! 4 apple trees, three peach trees, 2 cherry trees and a nectarine tree. We also discovered a plum tree that we were able to prune and salvage for our orchard plans. Chickens are doing well and the garden has been planted. Looking forward to harvest time!


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