Saying thanks to my guardian angel

When I was between 2 and 3 years old, I had the most peculiar dream. Now being 35, I can still remember this dream with absolute vivid detail. I was standing in the nave of a very large church. The soleas was directly in front of me with a large wall directly behind it. I know now that this wall was actually an iconostasis. My toddler brain would have had no idea what any of those big words meant but it’s only now that as an adult and a member of the Orthodox Church, that I can recognize the shapes.

Everything in this room was gold. And not just stationery gold, more like gold that has a fluidity to it. Pulsating vibrating shimmering movement. It didn’t matter if it was the floor or the walls or the ceiling, everything was either covered with or made up of this beautiful bright pulsating flowing gold shimmer.

Standing on the Soleus directly in front of me was a golden translucent person wrapped in flowing gold robes. Looking back now, I can say that they reminded me of the deacon robes that my own father wears while serving behind the altar. This golden individual and I spoke but unfortunately that is the only part of the dream that I no longer remember.

I briefly left this dream when the sound of a person mowing the lawn outside woke me up. I remember getting out of bed looking out the window and seeing the maintenance crew busy at work. I remember walking my little legs back to my toddler bed and when I fell back asleep, I was back in this beautiful golden room.

I knew the individual in front of me was holy, but I had a hard time differentiating him from the wall behind him. It was like I could see the robes he was wearing, but at the same time it was almost as if he blended into the golden scenery around him.

Unfortunately I had to grow up. For several years after I thought about this dream and this vision that I had had. I have longed to visit the golden room again in my sleep, but that has only happened once when I was around ten. I’m now fairly confident that I was visiting with my own guardian angel, a being who I apparently have even talked about in my sleep. There was one time when my family and I were in Oregon staying overnight at a motel. While fast asleep, I apparently started sleep talking and said to my parents who were still wide awake “guys I have a guardian angel, and he has a sword!”

Even though I’m a grown man now, I still pray and wish to revisit that wonderful place. Time went on and I grew up. I lost the innocence of a child and learned the ways of the world. My own connection to the things that are holy isn’t nearly as strong as it was when I was a child but sometimes if I really focus I can still feel the presence of my guardian angel.

Recently I listened to the audiobook version of The Holy Angels by Mother Alexandra (narrated by Kristina Wegner). Wow, what a book. I never realized how little I knew about the angels and how important they are in our world. I never realized all the different roles that these holy beings undertake. I started focusing more on the spiritual realm around me band for the first time in a long time actually felt the presence of my own guardian angel. Having that reconnection was like reconnecting with a long lost friend.

Looking back on the future life that I pictured as a child, I always saw myself becoming a priest. At least that’s what I pictured for myself as a young child. Now of course I’m a grown man and truck driver. It may not be what I pictured but it is a fulfilling life none the less. As I look at all the close calls had in this career, I realize now how often my own Guardian Angel has been there protecting not only me but my vehicle from serious and potentially deadly harm.

Yesterday I got to see my guardian angel in full action again. I arrived at the Walmart Distribution Center in Robert Louisiana and was told to drop my load of trailer. After finding the designated but I was assigned, I lowered my landing gear, disconnected my air lines and pulled my fifth wheel release handle. Slowly I pulled away from the trailer like I’ve done so many times before. This time there was an odd creaking and a moaning as the right side landing gear started to crumple and collapsed under the weight of the trailer.

Pretty quickly this thing was listing to the right, similar to the way a ship would look if it’s ballast was all situated on one side of the hull and not the other. I don’t know how the dang thing didn’t fall over. But as I looked at the trailer, for a split-second I could several different beings in bright light holding up the trailer from the titled side. I blinked, they were gone. However the trailer was still standing. By all estimates the trailer should have fallen over. There were 40 thousand pounds of Gatorade in the trailer and with one landing gear completely collapsed, at that angle it should have tipped over.

I called my company. I’ve got a hold of everybody necessary in order to alleviate the situation. In the end it was decided that Walmart themselves would lift the trailer up and unload it and then Knight would come back and haul the trailer off to get fixed. I was told I did nothing wrong and that it was okay for me to go grab an empty trailer and head off for my next load.

Holy smokes. Now I’m making sure before going to bed and when waking up to not only say my morning and evening prayers, to not only thank Christ for allowing me to wake up, but to also thank my guardian angel for looking after me through the night and standing guard next to me throughout my day. Should I call him my friend?  Should I just be content that he is a special protector? Either way I am grateful and so thankful for his protection.

Maybe if I focus more on my prayer life and less upon my own material needs and more on the word of God, I can try to build that connection up once more and maybe… just maybe I’ll be able to visit that special golden room once more. If I don’t that’s okay.  However, I wouldn’t complain if I do.

Thanks for reading my friends. I hope you all are doing safe out there in this crazy world right now. I’m currently in Louisiana still, heading to Texas.. I’m counting down the days because I’ll be home in about a week and a half to take my family on a nice camping trip. I’m definitely looking forward to that!

Until next time,

-Orthodox Trucker

Should I be yelling timber?

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