Lenny Bruce is not afraid

This whole coronavirus pandemic combined with crashing stock markets, the earthquake in Utah, and now after receiving the following message, it kind of feels like maybe possibly, the end of the world?

The Holy Fathers of Mount Athos are *strongly* urging all Orthodox Christians to put a Cross on the outside doors to their homes tonight. If you do not have a Cross to put on the door, simply trace one with olive oil on your finger. This is serious as they just barely completed the Paraklesis to the Mother of God on the Holy Mountain and these instructions likely then came from Our Lady, the Mother of God to the monks on the top of the Holy Mountain. Panagia Mazi sou…” ((Update – turns out this might not be true. Nevertheless putting the cross on something is never a bad idea -OT))

As a truck driver I have been in a unique position to help this country by delivering loads to different stores and distribution centres in order to help keep the supply chain of this country going. The last few weeks I’ve had more than my fair share of toilet paper, food, and other essential supplies to deliver. We truckers are working as hard as we can to deliver the goods that people need. Of course it would help if people didn’t horde, but then again I’m just one person. This coronavirus pandemic has been difficult for all and even as a trucker I’m feeling it. Rest stops across the country are closing down, truck stops are limiting access for drivers, and even our own driver terminals have limits now on how many people can be inside at one time. Wherever I go, there is hand sanitizer readily available for people to use. I see people wearing masks out in public and others who are staying at least six feet away from each other. Of course I know this is good social distancing, but then I see stories about people fighting inside Walmart and Costco, people trying to get their hands on that last roll of toilet paper. It makes me shake my head.

Speaking of Costco, not many people know what they are doing for us drivers in the Knight/Swift family. Costco has been donating an entire trailer full of hygiene products and readily available dry foods (chips, crackers, beef jerky, deodorant, toothpaste etc etc) to each of the Knight/Swift Transportation terminals located across the country. I am so thankful that I was able to stock up on some supplies for the truck and then I was able to get a few extras for Emily and John.

I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future. I don’t particularly like what I’ve seen of society, especially in regards to how the masses have responded to this crisis.  I also don’t like how the US government has  handled this crisis so far. I am glad that things are changing and that an economic stimulus package has been approved, but I do have concerns and I am kind of worried. For now however, I will just continue trucking.

Sorry this isn’t as much of an in-depth post as some might have liked. I just realized I’ve been so busy over the last couple weeks but I haven’t posted recently and thought it would be a good time to just let you all know that I’m still here, still trucking, and still moving along.

Until next time my friends stay safe, stay healthy don’t forget to wash your hands. And don’t hoard the freaking toilet paper!

-Orthodox Trucker

It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine…

St Johns Bridge in Portland Oregon. Snapped this shot while I was on my way to pick up some toilet paper

One thought on “Lenny Bruce is not afraid

  1. Good to hear from you – I was thinking of you and hoping you and your family were all okay. It’s better here in Canada – around my area, we are (finally, after some stern words from our Prime Minister and our provincial health officer) doing the social distance, and what I’m noticing is we’re working extra hard to be nice to each other, somewhat more thoughtful and friendly and considerate. There are exceptions of course, but I so wish you were seeing more of that in the States. Keep well, keep healthy. You are doing an amazing service, and you deserve a huge thanks – so thank you, and all your trucker brothers and sisters!

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