Dealing with Rejection

Yesterday afternoon I found out that my book proposal had been politely rejected. Apparently a book for truckers, by an orthodox trucker is just too niche especially when you consider that the Orthodox world is already pretty niche in and of itself.

This was my first attempt, and my first rejection. I’ll admit for a couple hours yesterday I was pretty bummed. It didn’t help that I had other, separate work-related issues that I also had to deal with. Well I got home and sat down to dinner with my wife. I poured my heart out while we talked about the situation. She sat there patiently listening to my frustrations and allowed me to express my sadness, but then she reminded me that the show must go on, and to not give up.

I’m not giving up. I’m going to keeping working and also expand the book so that while it still focuses on my experiences as a driver, the content will be expanded in order to fit a wider audience.

So here’s the plan moving forward. I’m going to continue working on my book. Driving with Christ will be expanded and it’ll be reworked in a way so that it will help other people besides my fellow Road Warriors. If for some reason even after I expand the book for a wider audience, it still gets rejected by other publishers, I will self-publish through Amazon.

I also have several other ideas on how to move forward not just with my book but with other projects as well. I’ve talked several times before previously about having a podcast, perhaps I will do that later this year. I also have several other book ideas that are simmering in the back of my mind, as well as an orthodox based young adult graphic novel featuring a superhero team made up of teenagers representing the major Orthodox ethnic epicenters from around the world.

I also have an idea for a Christian novel (based on a dream I had) about a son who leaves his rural farming town in order to live a life of pleasure and sin in a future, possibly dystopian, city very similar to Las Vegas. After having his fun, he finds out that in the end everything has a price, and the price is his life. If he wont pay, then somebody else close to him will. In the end in order to save his son, his father offers up his own life in exchange. It’ll go over various themes such as love, sacrifice, pride, sin and hard work. It’s still very much a work in progress, but at the moment I’m calling it The Contract. We’ll see if people are interested.

Who knows I might even open up an orthodox Trucker store with t-shirts, hoodies. Coffee cups and other merch like that.

Thanks for letting me ramble on. Please keep me in your prayers. It really is my goal to expand what I do here with my writing, and make something that one day… maybe… might get me out of the truck. Please share with me your thoughts and let me know what you think about my ideas. Would there be any interest in any of these ideas of mine?

Well, until that day happens I am as always,

-Orthodox Trucker

Driving with Christ. It’s not just a book title!

5 thoughts on “Dealing with Rejection

  1. Prayers 🙏💕☦️🕊
    As far as ideas, I’m sorry but my brain is too foggy for any now. Keep fighting migraines. Keep praying though. God speaks in whispers. Remember, as frustrating as it may be, things are on His time because He knows what’s best. Please know I’m going through something similar which is why I mentioned this. 👍


  2. Welcome to the writing life! I’m betting there’s no one I know who is published (me included) who does not also have a Rejection Letter Collection. Consider it a badge of honor. We all wear it. I remember an article a few years back about a book that became a major motion picture. The author sent it to 60 publishers before it was accepted. That’s a lotta rejection letters! It’s simpler and more complicated both, for us Orthodox writers. We don’t have 60 publishers to try. But we do have more than one. Your concept sounds good, and with some thought, you could probably find ways to both keep the unique identity of the work AND make it relatable to a wider audience that would make it more appealing to a publisher. For example, there aren’t many (any?) books specifically for Orthodox men. There are several for women – devotionals, reflections, etc. But not men. Food for thought.

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  3. I’m so sorry about the trailer tipping and your job loss, and all the other hard things that happened that day and the next. I wanted to try to leave you a comment so I went back one post. I’m sorry I didn’t see this earlier; I haven’t had the heart for a lot of things including blog reading since our cat was killed, but I’m trying to get life back to normal now. You and your wife have been in my daily prayers even if I didn’t know what was going on exactly. I hope God shows you exactly what path you need to be on.

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    1. You are so kind. The job loss and moving is totally a blessing. We’ve been needing direction in our lives and as I wrote about in an earlier post, we want more orthodoxy in our life. So now we are moving! Up to either post falls or spokane valley and are going to be joining the orthodox church in Post Falls. So excited and so happy. I have a few job interviews lined up as well!

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