New Year motivations

Happy New Year everybody! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a great start to the new year.

I had a wonderful Christmas with my wife her sister and brother-in-law and her parents. My father-in-law and I spent some time at my sister-in-law’s house shooting clay pigeons out of the sky, which was really fun. I also got some great Orthodox books that I’ve been dying to read and a nice set of warm coveralls for when I have to get out of the truck and put my snow chains on. Besides nearly cutting the tip of my thumb off with the mandolin veggie slicer, it was a good holiday break.

Of course now the new year has started, and I’ve been thinking about all the different things that I want to do in order to better myself. I don’t want to call them resolutions, because in my mind most people end up breaking their New Year’s resolutions after three or four weeks.

The first thing to tackle on my list, is my health. I bought a new Echelon bike for my wife and I to use and we’ve decided that this is going to be the year where we cut back on carbs and sugar. We are both severely overweight and it’s time we do something about it. I am going to commit myself to eating healthier actually trying to get some exercise in and to eliminate some of these processed and sugary foods that my body doesn’t really need.

The next item on my new year goal list is to do some reading. on average I only read one maybe two books a year. 2020 is going to be different. My wife and I have created a challenge for each other, and that is to read 20 books this year. Three-quarters of the books on my list this year are Orthodox related, and I really hope they will help me with some of the spiritual growth that I’ve been looking for. I’ve also got a book about World War II on my list as well as the Silmarillion and some other interesting titles. currently I am reading two books. the first one is The Field by Saint Ignatius (Brianchaninov), and the other is A Faith Encouraged by Father Barnabas Powell. I actually met Father Barnabas at the writing conference last year and decided since his book is broken up into daily readings for the year, that it would be a great companion for me to have as the year goes by. One simple sermon a day on how to be Orthodox on purpose.

My biggest goal for this year however is to push forward with Orthodox Trucker. I really want to get back into the habit of having two posts a week. I’m thinking of keeping with a Tuesday / Friday schedule. I’ve also been working on a book titled Driving with Christ: How to keep your faith alive while on the open road. So far five of the eleven chapters are finished. I was asked to submit it as a proposal for publishing last year, but I never got around to it. That is something that I am going to do very soon. I also have several other project ideas including podcasts and additional books I would like to write. of course not all of them will be about Trucking oh, but they will be centered upon an Orthodox life.

Emily and I have also decided that this is the year where we finally get out of the house and do more with our lives. we have several weekend trips planned throughout the year including one to Crater Lake in the summer. Speaking of trips and adventures, I’m really looking forward to going back to the Antiochian Village in August for the men’s retreat.

I also want to see some positive growth regarding my prayer life. I say the Jesus prayer quite often, sometimes without even thinking about it, but I find it difficult to sit down and say morning and evening prayers. not only that but it has been a good while since I’ve actually gone to an Orthodox Church service. the last one I went to was in Pennsylvania at The Retreat Last Summer. I feel like I’ve been allowing excuses and other miniscule situations as reasons to not drive the hour to church every week. I mean realistically how can I call myself the Orthodox trucker, if I’m not going to church? sure we can live stream service in our living room but it’s not the same as being there in person.

So there you go, that’s my welcome to 2020 post. A look at where the Orthodox trucker is and where I’m going to go from here.

Thanks for sticking around and happy New Year!

-Orthodox Trucker

Early in the morning on the day after Christmas. Waiting in line for the port to open.

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    1. If I’m lucky I can write out two or three posts beforehand and then schedule them. It doesn’t always work that way unfortunately and sometimes it’s literally at the last second when a post will go up


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