Time to give up

Everyday I struggle in my attempt to get closer to God. Embracing his will and following his path sounds easy in my head, however the follow through is so much harder. Sometimes it feels like I’m a track and field athlete who is constantly jumping over hurdles.

I’ll make it over one and get closer to my goal, just to have another five or six obstacles pop up in front of me. The.ml . li l sad thing is most of the obstacles that I keep having to jump over are obstacles that I put up myself.  

Wouldn’t it just be easier to remove some of the hurdles in the first place? I think it might be time to give up some of these extra things in my life that are keeping me from having a better relationship with Christ.

One of the biggest distractions I have right now is the internet. This magnificent information system is a double-edged sword. On one hand it provides unlimited learning opportunities plus countless ways for me to be more involved with the Orthodox community. On the other hand, the internet is also an endless source of distraction with some avenues that’ll take you to places that you don’t want to go. I can spend hours just sitting in my oversized lazy boy scrolling through memes. Endlessly swiping through mountains of silly little photos until I can’t continue because I’m too tired to move my finger back and forth is time that I can never get back. I could spend that time doing things that will actually make my life better. Maybe spend that time improving my relationship with my wife and son, or I could read that book about Elder Thaddeus that I keep promising to read. Or actually finish my book perhaps?

Another distracting addiction that I have is video games. If you gave me the option, I would gladly sit in front of the computer and play games all day. But living in a fantasy world where I get to kill goblins and monsters does not prepare me for the world to come. Skyrim will not help me get closer to the kingdom of heaven, nor does it help me get closer to my family.

I have plenty of other self-made hurdles. But besides video games, internet memes and others stupid time wasters, one of the biggest hurdles I have is myself. The words I say and the things I think oftentimes become stumbling blocks that trip me up while I’m trying to get down and pray. My own insecurities and self-doubts combined with with my tendencies to sometimes choose the lazy path create a variable power struggle between my heart and my head. My heart wants to climb the mountain in order to reach Christ, but my head gets distracted and forgets to tell the legs to start moving.

I’ve already started making some of the necessary changes. I’ve deleted some of the most notorious time-wasting apps from my phone and has been working on creating a better mental attitude that is geared towards positive mental and physical progress. Over the last few weeks I have also been trying to create habits to help keep my mind and my heart on the same path. It all comes down to attitude. Building the right kind of mental attitude that is necessary in order to maintaining a proper relationship with Christ.

Have you noticed similar situations in your own life? Have you struggled with keeping the right mental attitude and the kind of follow through that the Christian Life requires? What steps did you take? How did you handle it? I would love to hear your stories!

Thanks for reading my friends!

Until next time,

-Orthodox Trucker

The path that Christ asks us to walk, is it always straight and easy. Sometimes it uphill and full of switchbacks.

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