Living for Christ

In all your duties and responsibilities, and in every task that you must face, live your life in such a way that every choice that you make serves the Lord.

These are the words that I hear in my head as I ponder about the best ways that I, in my imperfect ways, can best serve the Lord. As inspiring as they are, those words floating around in my head are easier said than done.

I am by no means a perfect example of what a true Orthodox Christian should be. I have several sinful habits that I continue in allowing to exist. Too easy is it for me to judge other people based solely on their interaction with me or lack thereof. Also like a child chasing a silver trinket, my attention to the Lord waxes and wanes depending on my level of distraction. And yet I pray everyday and strive to have a deeper relationship with Christ. It really feels at times like I am somewhere between the altar and the door. Caught in the middle between my desire to serve Christ, and my desire to live my own passion filled life.

So you can imagine the emotions that I feel whenever God places an opportunity or a task in front of me. Why me God? I’m honored, truly I am. But surely there must be somebody better qualified than I… right? I mean I’m just a simple truck driver with a blog, why would anyone take me seriously? At the same time however, how can I say no?

That soft little voice in the back of my head answers my doubt and says “So what? Do it anyway, you’ll thank me later”

I’ve been placed on a path that I’m only now starting to see. It started the day I wrote my first post and shared it to Facebook. Then came thid blog after several months of encouragement from different people. Then the writing Conference in June. Everything was a domino effect and I should’ve noticed it a lot sooner. After all one good thing leads to another, and now something else is going to happen.

I was asked yesterday do something that would not only help spread the message of the ancient faith to my local and surrounding communities, but would also provide feedback for how this ministerial program can improve. I am really honored that my friend has considered me for this task, but it has open the floodgates for my mind to really question my own actions and how I can better live my life for Christ.

For now my friends, that is all I will say. I need to get more information and keep my head bowed as I pray for guidance.

-Orthodox Trucker

Even though we may be sinful, the sun still rises over us.

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