A parent’s worst fear

I spent my time last weekend working with my wife in the spare room. We were busy finishing the closet and painting the walls. At this particular moment she was resting on the couch due to some severe back pain. I was busy cutting plywood and hanging drywall.

Every now and then my three year old son would come in to check on me.

What you dooin daddy?”

I would always respond with “I’m working.”

“You workin’? You cuttin’ that wood?”

I would look at him with a smile on my face and say “you got it buddy, I’m cutting this wood.” Then I would take the time and explain how I was trying to finish up the closet that mommy and I had built.

He would run off as soon as I fired up the skill saw. I don’t blame him, he’s not a fan of loud noises. I hated the skill saw when I was a kid too.

But then within a few minutes he would come back and we would have the same conversation all over again. It was actually quite adorable.

After I finished my little construction project, I noticed the house was very quiet. My wife had fallen asleep on the couch and I figured I had a few minutes to myself to play some Elder Scrolls Oblivion. However before I even stepped foot in the office, a sudden thought entered my mind.

Where’s John?

A house with a three-year-old in it, is seldom ever quiet. I started my search. First I checked the kitchen, then I looked in his room. No sign of my little boy. I checked the dining room and looked under the table, but had no luck. I didn’t see him in the living room either, so I checked our bedroom upstairs. I figured if he was up there, he was probably relaxing on our bed or trying to get into the box of old toys destined for the attic. He wasn’t up there either. My pulse started to quicken as I ran back downstairs still looking for my son.

I checked the back door, saw that it was unlocked and opened. Okay, was he outside playing with the dogs or maybe jumping on his trampoline? I went outside and looked, No John-Boy in sight. I started shouting his name throughout the house and outside. By this time my wife had woken up and didn’t understand what was going on. She thought it was a joke. I told her I wasn’t joking, I can’t find our son.

She kept looking in the house and in the backyard while I decided to hop in the car and drive around town to see if he had escaped somehow. The thought of my little guy walking around without any shoes on, somewhere randomly in town scared the hell out of me. To be honest, we were both freaking out. I had several worst-case scenarios running in my head. I started my search by just driving around the block, but since I wasn’t able to see him I kept going farther and farther down the road in town. Eventually I ended up down by the park, somehow I thought that his little legs could have taken him that far. I know logically it was only a slim possibility, but I was desperate. Suddenly my phone rang.


I responded to my wife, “oh my god honey where was he?” I raced back home in order to hear the full story, and of course to see my little boy.

Apparently he was in the dining room. We had to take the guest bed out of the spare room while we worked in there. We ended up learning the mattress and box spring up against the table in the dining room, just to get it out of the way. Well when we couldn’t find our son, my wife got down on her knees in front of our home altar and started praying as hard as she could.

Please Lord, help us find our son and have mercy on us.

Once again God showed us the power of even the simplest of prayers. Suddenly from behind the mattress she heard a cry. It was John. Turns out hiding behind the mattress is a great place to avoid the scary sounds of the skill saw. Then he must have just fallen asleep. Even though it was a false alarm, for a brief moment I felt the pain of those parents whose children have gone missing and I was reminded about just how precious of a gift kids truly are.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you did, go hug your kids (if you got ’em)

Until next time my friends..

.-Orthodox Trucker

He’s the best helper a dad could ask for.

One thought on “A parent’s worst fear

  1. Even when they’re older you still have moments of panic. But I well remember how my youngest had no fear and would let herself out of the house. In just a few minutes she would be blocks away – thankfully we have good neighbors who knew enough to stop her and call us. It got to the point where we had to have a locksmith install special locks that she could not reach and did not have the strength to operate. Terrifying times with her.


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