Lily and the Flea

Lily and the Flea

It was a warm, sunny afternoon.  Lily had just finished rolling around in the grass and was now resting peacefully on her master’s front porch, soaking up the sunshine.  Lily was relaxed and started thinking about her master.

Lily loved Master more than anything else in his world. Master took care of every single need Lily could possibly have. He gave her food, shelter, warmth, and all the love and attention that Lily could desire. Lily’s tail started wagging as she remembered all the times spent playing fetch or running around in the countryside, trampling through the woods and into the creek. Master was good. Master would always help Lily when she was injured or hurt. And when Lily was covered in mud and her beautiful shiny brown coat needed to be cleaned, there was master ready to help his faithful companion.

Suddenly Lily felt something crawling on her skin and through her fur.

“Hello? Who’s there?” Asked Lily.

“Oh, hello! I’m terribly sorry to intrude on you like this, but I needed a place to rest. The sunlight is too strong for me and your fur acts as a nice cover. My name is Flea, and I promise, you won’t even notice me. May I stay for a bit and escape from the harsh sun?”

“I guess that would be okay. but please don’t stay too long. I am very sensitive to fleas and I do not want to be your next snack.”

“Oh I promise, Lily you will barely notice me and I will be out of your hair in no time!”

Lily most certainly did notice Flea, and over the next few days Lily started itching and felt as if she was slowly being eaten alive.

“Flea? I am glad that I was able to provide you with some shelter, however I do believe that it is time you move on. I don’t know what you are doing, but it doesn’t feel very good. Since you have arrived I have felt pain and severe itching all over my body. So if you don’t mind, I believe it is time you found a new home.”

Lily was trying to be polite.  Like many others of her breed, Lily was overly friendly with everyone she met and had a strong desire to make friends and to serve others. However Flea had other ideas.

“I am sorry Lily, but that’s simply just not possible. For you see, I have made your body my home. Your blood provides me with all the nourishment that I need, and there’s so much room that I’ve had plenty of space to stretch out and lay my eggs. No Lily, I don’t think I will be moving on after all. I think I will stay.”

After several more days of continuous itching and general discomfort, Lily had finally had enough. She said to herself “I know, I will go to my master and he will remove my pain and cleanse me from these infirmities.”

As if on cue Flea spoke up.

“What makes you think your master would want you anywhere near him or his household? I have taken over and my children how to now move into every corner of your body. We will drink you dry, and when you have finally shriveled-up and passed away, that is when we will leave. Furthermore, it has been at least 3 days since I’ve last seen your master. Perhaps he no longer loves you as much as he once did?”

Although Lily knew flea was just trying to hurt her, however some of the things that flea bad said kept back going through her head. It was true that Master hadn’t been home recently, but her food and water dish were still full and she still had a roof over her head. Nevertheless the words did hurt and Lily started to doubt whether or not her master would come and rescue her from this torment. Lily laid her head down on the porch and silently wept.

Lily didn’t remember falling asleep but when she woke up, there was Master, bright as the morning sun. leaning over and talking to her.

“What’s going on girl? You haven’t been yourself lately. Are you feeling okay?”

Lily didn’t know how to quite communicate to Master what was going on but she realized in that moment the best thing she could do was to show her master her vulnerabilities. And so Lily rolled over and showed Master her belly.

Lily was covered in fleas. They were hard to see against her brown fur, however the little invaders were very obvious to Master’s keen eyes.

Master looked at his beloved companion and said “Is that what’s been bothering you? Come, follow me and I will make you well.”

Flea yelled in Lily’s ear. “He lies! You will not be rid of me that easily!”

But Lily wasn’t listening anymore. “Master does not lie.” Lily got up and did as her Master commanded. Even though she was covered with thousands of fleas that were itching and biting her, she knew her master was right, and so she followed him into the house.

Master had drawn a bath with the appropriate soaps that would kill the fleas. While Lily enjoyed swimming in lakes and playing through the creeks, she wasn’t necessarily a fan of bath time. Yet she knew that Master was the only way her suffering would end.

Master had soothing hands. And even though Lily’s body was riddled with bite marks, her  master was gentle and provided comfort she so desperately needed. The soap was soothing on Lily’s skin, almost as if the bite marks were being erased. The liquid soap had another effect which was to harm the fleas that had harmed Lily. The fleas only had two choices, either be destroyed in the soap or jump into the water and drown.

It was only after Lily got out of the water did she remember her Masters recent disappearance. Then she noticed the holes in her master’s hands. Large holes that went straight through her wonderful master’s palms. That must have been very painful she thought, and yet here he was drying her off and caring for her. Where had he gone, and what did he do? It didn’t matter to her. Her master was back and the fleas were nowhere to be found. Lily was clean and healed. She was so grateful. She loved her master so much, and because of her unending gratitude for her loving master, Lily would never leave her master’s side again.

Lily lived happily ever after.


Thank you for reading my little story my friends.  I am thinking about turning that little short story into a children’s book. We’ll see. If anybody wants to give me feedback on it I would greatly appreciate it.

As we navigate this quarantined version of Holy Week, I’ve been struggling with my own sins and the struggles that I had been going through. Not only am I still working throughout this pandemic but my wife and I have also moved out of the rental house that we called home for two years and purchased a behemoth of an RV that is now our home. We are currently looking for a piece of land that we can purchase and place our RV onto, and then start our homesteading adventure.

On top of all of that I’ve started talking to my parents once more in an attempt to at least try and start some form of reconciliation. While there has been some progress, it hasn’t been the grand fairy tale that I thought it would be. Plenty of struggle still and unfortunately the unresolved issues aren’t quite resolved. Baby steps right?

Suffice it to say my friends, I’ve been stressed. And while I have been reading the Psalms and praying for help, my well-spring of faith dried up. It was only this morning when I awoke from a particularly devastating dream, that I had realized just how far off the path I had wandered. Like the dog, I had a problem with an uninvited guest.

In my story, dog is you and me. The Flea is the enemy and the itching bite marks are all the effects of sin. But the master, who is truly the master of us all, is the one who can of heal us from our sin. Even when the evil one tries to tell you otherwise, the path forward towards healing is always with the Master. The evil one will lie and promise you false thing in order to try and trick you. He might try and tell you that Christ simply can’t hear you over your own sins, and that you’ll have to fight your own inner battles alone. However, simply by getting up and coming home to the Master, a.k.a our Lord Jesus Christ, you’ve taken the first steps towards the only way to renewed and everlasting life.

Until next time my friend, stay safe, don’t get sick, and I’ll see you next time!

-Orthodox Trucker

My brown baby girl, Lily. She was a good girl.

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